I was the Lister Research Fellow in the History Faculty at the University of Oxford, and now am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln. I am also a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.

My Ph.D. in history, Master of Humanities, and B.A. in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology were done at the University of Colorado.

My book Web of nature: Martin Lister (1639-1712), the first arachnologist, was published by Brill, and is available for ordering. The book analyzes his contributions as England’s first arachnologist (spiders), conchologist (molluscs), as well as his service as vice-president of the Royal Society in the 1680s. This book was funded by the British Academy, the Royal Society, and the National Science Foundation. It has been reviewed here, and it has been recently nominated for the Suzanne J. Levinson Prize by the History of Science Society.

I am also engaged upon transcribing and editing Lister’s correspondence for publication; this three-volume set will be published by Brill.

I am Honorary Secretary of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. For more information about our organization, please click here. I also serve on the editorial board of Notes and Records of the Royal Society.